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    Testing (Phase 5)

    We will certainly have to do a few runs to find the best spot to accelerate in, once the skis are planing it shouldn't be a problem as she will be skipping on top of the water. After many emails and messages asking for video we have finally put together some footage of our first test taken...
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    User Approval

    Hello everyone, We have had a large SPAM event with over 1300 approval requests to join the forum. These had to be denied on bulk, due to this one or two genuine users may have been denied so if this is the case please emails us through the 'contact us' page of our website and we will approve...
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    The Model (Phase 4)

    Phil from Fighteraces sent me a short video he took on his phone, Phil you need to get a better phone! [:)] Battery wise, we have two 5500 2S Lipos for the ECU's, two 6200 LiIons on the the CB400 and two 3200 LiIons for the animatronic pilot, hull lights and afterburner rings. Thanks guys...