Hyper Scale Accessories

Guys, there is a market for so many accessories to fine tune all the models we love. Drop tanks, bombs and ordinance, ECM pods wing pylons so on!
Thus is something we will be working on. We will concentrate on our kits and their scale accessories then it will be logical to expand it from there. For example our F105 Rolling thunder ordinance package will be available to purchase separately.
Dave its a great idea that we think is very workable. Alex started a few years back by making pitot probe sets for the F-14, and a few other small sets to enhance Skymaster's excellent aircraft. It was a successful idea, and we intend to expand on this as Alex says. Our core objective is to finish the Convair Sea Dart and use it (hopefully) as a technical showcase for the company. The work that Alex and his team of designers have done on the Dart has helped to formulate the Hyperscale idea, and the F-105 and B-58 will take full advantage of this. I can tell you that we are very interested in what you are saying as we have often discussed the accessories subject. You will see some innovative ideas in the ordinance package and cockpit package for the Thunderchief. I think this may show the way. If the initial Hyperscale kit concept is a success, I can see us really going to work for scale enthusiasts, as we love the history and the technical detail of these aircraft. Keep your eyes peeled for the SEA DART cockpit soon.
Ben, totally the Hyper-Scale is the pinnacle and offering a small taste of that to help improve lesser kits surely is a good move. Like most enthusiasts, I see a basic kit as the canvas but its failings can be enough, to stop me progressing the model to true scale this can so easily be solved with great modifications and accessories.

Scale modelling obsessive disease (SMOD), drives the desire and pushes the hobby to new limits, and Hyper-Scale accessories could take my modelling to a new level. I might even consider buying a 3D printer!!

The level of engineering being applied and developed by the TLJC and several others is truly amazing, how do us mere mortals keep up?

We wait in anticipation!