Hyper Scale Production

I wouldn't want to put a price on them but they should be competitive with the German manufactures, perhaps a touch more. We will make kits for stock so will have plenty available initially. I firmly believe that we must have kits in stock for dispatch within 48 hours as the long waits I have experienced with other manufactures have been frustrating.

Thanks, Alex
At the moment we are concentrating on the F105 and B58, however, we are open to considering anything... what did you have in mind?

Thanks, Alex
Alex, that’s a million dollar question!

Now you have me thinking hard about aircraft worthy of such fine work, historically I have a keen interest in the early jets:

De Havilland Swallow DH 108
Vampire DH 100
Venom DH 112
Sea Vixen DH 110
Gloster Meteor
Supermarine Sea Hawk

English Electric Lighting

Folland Gnat, Sale Composites model is a great looking model.
Jet Provost

Do you guys have any thoughts on these?


Hi Dave,

I like the Meteor and Jaguar although I really don't know what we will be making after the 105 & B58, Food for thought though...

Cheers, Alex
I’d certainly consider buying a Meteor, There a few about still, so scanning might be viable, possibilities of working with a heritage group!!
I love the Jet Provost/Strikemaster. Would make a great entry scale jet. The tandem cockpit layout would look superb. Probably lovely flight characteristics..... The Meteor would also be a terrific subject.....How about the Bucaneer for a Fleet Air Arm aircraft?....These aircraft have an appeal in the UK...But I wonder about overseas....We would need to sell quite a few to recoup the investment...


Like the sound of the Buccaneer as well as the Jaguar......both have some really interesting features (Jag especially has multiple high lift devices on the wings) and ultra cool landing gear arrangements. As mentioned above though, both would have relatively limited sales as bother were only operated on the European side of the pond so I can see the benefits of US derived subjects. A 'BIG' F-4 could fit the bill...….loads of cool features, great possibilities with an ordnance package & endless colour scheme choices being operated both sides of the pond.