Is the world really going supersize jets? It strikes me that the LMA or the like will see huge numbers of permits requests for aircraft registration and pilot certs! or not!! Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 16.53.58.png

Tomahawk 1/2.5 Scale BAE Hawk at Jet Power 2018.
I just think models are getting too big, It's a great one off but as a product I'm not sure plus it costs an insane amount of money before you've considered buying a P400 or 550!
Alex I fully agree, I heard mention that this Model cost about 50k, obviously I don’t no if that’s true. Growing Bonzai is an art, full size trees that just Aboriculture.
I think it is a great looking model and well engineered but not something we would consider at that size for a product. Although there are plenty of big one off models I'd like to take on :)

I think the kit including retracts is around €23,000 (basing on the cost of their large L39) but then add a P550 which is around €15,000 and you are already at 38k before you've built or added any servos, scale accessories etc... A lot of money certainly.

I wish them the best of luck and hope it does really well as I know the effort and heart ache that goes into designing and manufacturing these aircraft.