TLJC 1/6th Hyper Scale F105D Kit

Hi Alex, I hope you, your family, and colleagues have weathered and withstood the world health crisis this year. I remain very excited about the 105 project and will be among the very first to purchase a kit once available. If opportunity presents itself, will you please share details about your landing gear development plan - should this be incorporated in the over-all kit development plan? Also, the renderings you are sharing include external stores mounted on the various weapons stations. I hope this will pass through as a kit option. I am very excited about the scale increase!! IMHO, 1/5th is the perfect size as you lean forward in the market over the next couple of years - Absolutely Brilliant early read on the launch for your 105! The RC jet industry appears to continue the bigger the better approach as a means to market growth. You are clearly on the right path here... Many thanks to you and the team for your steadfast work on the project! My e-mail address is I have been building a mold plug for a F-106 Delta dart. I have absolutely no plan to market - I would like to also share with you! I need to pass the baton to a clearly brilliant mind!
Hi Lenny,

I hope you are well and thank you for the message.

We’ve managed ok through all that has happened since March but it has inevitably delayed things. I’m pleased to hear you are still enthusiastic about the project. We are committed to producing this kit and once we have finished a few of our outstanding projects we can move full time onto the F105, hopefully this will be in November so we can get a prototype built next year.

We will share the development of the gear when we get going on the project again but in the mean time take a look at this short video which shows progress on the geometric issues surrounding the F105 gear. We are using the original scan data to ensure the gear is exactly placed and as scale as possible.

Stores will be an option but as size increases so do costs. We are working very hard to keep the costs down for the final kit so they are within the normal range for a high detail kit of this size. At 1/5th the model is huge but as our aerodynamic studies suggest it is the sweet spot for this aircraft in terms of aerodynamic performance.

There will be other options like a highly detailed cockpit, working speed brakes along with drop tanks and the extra ordnance.

We have been considering the F106 for some time and it is very likely we will produce a kit of this aircraft if the F105 recaps its costs in a reasonable amount of time. We have already started making inroads into permissions to scan a full size.

Thank again for your message as it’s great to hear peoples enthusiasm for the project and it gives us a boost and some focus hearing peoples excitement. I really look forward to building your kit Lenny. :)

Take care and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any other questions regarding our Hyper scale kits.

Kind regards